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Providing Everything You Need for Healthy Books

Office Desk
Office Desk

Monthly Bookkeeping

A virtual bookkeeper offers the convenience of remote accessibility. With cloud-based accounting systems and secure online platforms, clients can access their financial records and collaborate with the bookkeeper from anywhere, at any time. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for businesses with remote teams or those seeking to streamline operations.

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Thumbing Through an Old Book

Payroll Services

  • Initial payroll set-up

  • Calculate employee timecards

  • Executes payroll

  • Calculates payroll and taxes

  • Quarterly payroll tax liability filing

  • Alaska unemployement quarterly filing

  • Annual FUTA

  • End of year W2's and filing

Thumbing Through an Old Book

Clean Up / Catch Up Services

We will review your QuickBooks file and address any discrepancies or inconsistencies in your records.  Why is this important?  Keeping clean and up-to date bookkeeping records allows you to reduce your stress, come tax time or when there are financial decisions that need to be made.  

When did you last file your business taxes?  We will help bring you up to speed with your financial recordkeeping, even if it has been neglected for several years.  Failing to maintain proper bookkeeping poses a substantial risk of overlooking valuable tax deductions.  Without current records, businesses may miss out on legitimate deductions that have the potential to markedly decrease their tax responsibilities. As a result, businesses might find themselves paying more in taxes than necessary ultimately affecting their financial bottom line.

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